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Here’s What Our Mamas Are Saying

Testimonials: Testimonials

During my pregnancy, I really enjoyed setting aside one hour a week for me and my baby. Aislinn encourages baby bonding throughout the class - touching your bump etc - which I found such a lovely part of the practice. The labour techniques taught by The Yoga Mama were fantastic - the positions, methods and breathing to make labour more comfortable, as well as the pelvic floor exercises encouraged throughout the class.  

Aislinn blends the perfect mix of stretch, strength and relaxation and has a brilliant understanding of the quirks, difficulties and joys of pregnancy, channelling that perfectly into her prenatal classes. It was also fantastic to have a community of other women every week to check in with.

I so looked forward to each class as they were the only nights I managed to have some decent sleep afterwards!

Lauren Apostolidis
Mum to Baby Amalia

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