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Recommendations During Pregnancy

Section One: Learning

There's a huge range of reading materials out there - don't get overwhelmed!


  • Expecting Better by Emily Oster - a no nonsense guide to pregnancy and birth based on data, facts and science, this book debunks a lot of pregnancy myths and old wives tales.

  • Childbirth without Fear, Grantly Dick Read - a refreshing read that explores the relationship between pain and mindset, this book seeks to educate the reader about pregnancy and birth and offers a positive outlook on the experience.

  • The First Forty Days by Heng Ou - a beautiful book containing lots of gorgeous recipes and practises that will help nourish Mum during the last few weeks of pregnancy and into the fourth trimester. I love giving this book as a gift.

  • Your Baby Week by Week by Simone Cave and Caroline Fertleman - an excellent guide that will help you navigate the first few months of motherhood - this book really puts your mind at ease and simplifies exactly what baby needs.

  • French Kids Don't Throw Food by Pamela Druckerman - a hilarious account of why French children are just so well behaved. I loved this book and found it refreshing and light - a reprieve from some of the heavier material!


When I was pregnant I found podcasts a great way to connect with the idea of becoming a Mum, and start to transition into motherhood! Two recommendations are Happy Mum, Happy Baby and Made by Mammas. Both are light, easy listens and perfect for a walk or commute!

Antenatal Classes

Your hospital will offer you antenatal classes, but if you would like to book additional classes I would recommend The Baby Academy. Run by a collective of experienced midwives this one day session is designed for both parents and covers labour, birth, feeding baby, first aid and everything in between.

Section Two: Nurturing


Research shows that massage can reduce stress hormones in your body, promote oxytocin and relax your muscles. It can also increase blood flow, which is so important when you're pregnant, as blood flow can be a bit more sluggish than normal. Massage also flushes out toxins from your body. What’s not to love!

I loved treating myself to a massage during pregnancy, and made sure to test out all the different salons! I had at least one per month from 14 weeks onwards, and found it was really worth the investment as you really feel incredible afterwards. I really enjoyed The Marker’s maternity massage - it’s a bit pricey so save that for a treat day or maybe ask for it as a present from your friends / family / partner before the baby arrives!

Women’s Health Physio

Many women choose to visit a physio during pregnancy for reasons including pelvic girdle pain, lower back pain, thoracic pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. A great practise to check out is Reform Physiotherapy in Malahide. Elaine Barry is another physiotherapist that is very well known in Dublin, she is based between Bray and Milltown so if that’s too far away you may choose to follow her on Instagram instead!

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Happy Baby Class
Happy Baby Class
Jan 15, 2022

Well written.. You can also join free baby care classes

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